5 things I learned from not having the internet


So yesterday I finally had Internet connected to my new house after about six weeks of waiting. To be fair it didn’t take that long for them to actually connect my service, it was more of a cost of moving house /being-bothered-to-find-the-best-deal issue but living without internet has taught me some valuable lessons.

  1. There is nothing good on TV.  Don’t trouble yourself, keep streaming Game of Thrones or House of Cards, I checked and you’re not missing anything.
  2. I spend waaayy too much time using the internet. I had no idea I was an internet junky until they reconnected me. That first few moments of being plugged in was like eating a gigantic piece of German chocolate cake after starving myself for days, knowing all the while it was going straight to my thighs.
  3. I love my local Library. Books Yo! Gawd I read so much while I was ‘off the net’. I caught up on heaps of titles I had been meaning to read and I was so much more productive with the limited ‘online’ time I could beg, borrow and steal from the local council’s (strangely well protected) Wi-Fi.
  4. I want to try taking other things away to see how it changes the way I live. Electricity, water a toilet? I wonder if I would become a better person if I couldn’t see in the dark or wash myself?
  5. While I can live without the internet, I don’t want to. And that is not because I can catch up on my favourite show or sink hundreds of hours into useless browsing, I can, it is because I genially love being able to connect with people online, join in on discussions with peers or just chat to my mates. Yes I probably need to tone down my use a bit but by Budda, I LOVE the Internet.

Now I am off to watch Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black.