5 Tips for Instant Follows on Instagram


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Need to get more followers on your Instagram account? Try these tips.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are like little buzzwords that make it easier to find your pictures. Common hastags include things like, #loveit #food #sunset. It is easy to find lists of the most searched for hashtags on Instagram and using a mixture of popular tags and your own creations can bring fresh eyes to your page and help your followers find you.

Just remember there is a fine line between too little and too many hashtags try and keep it to one or two and no more than five if you have too.

Tip: Make sure that your hashtag has no spaces between words or punctuation. It should look like this #hashtag to ensure that think like remains unbroken.

Engage with your audience

While it sometimes might feel like Instagram is just a tool for broadcasting pictures of your cat and summer holidays out into the void, there are actually people on the other end of the filter.

Essentially you are speaking to an audience who enjoys your visual style but why not take it one step further and start a discussion? Ask questions or for feedback, work it into your posts or comment on other people’s work that you like.


Regular schedule

Audiences love a routine. If they know that you publish posts on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday they will automatically check back on those days. If you have trouble remembering then try putting a reminder in your smartphone calendar.

Find people who like what you like

A great way to get new followers it to find people who have the same interests as you, follow them and engage with their followers by commenting on their posts. Soon you will find you have a small sub community of people on Instagram all engaging on shared interests.


Take great photos

And finally, take great photos. Don’t misunderstand, great photos doesn’t mean you need a high end DSLR and professional lighting, but it does mean being creative with your shots, experimenting with lighting, composition and doing something that makes you stand out from the crowd.